Bamboo: the innovation that makes your skin happy and turns your bathroom into a SPA

Warning: its use may cause dependence and refusal to use other fabrics.

You won't want to take it off until you go to bed.

Bamboo absorbs a lot and dries very quickly, that's why we can make a light bathrobe, with which you will feel dry, comfortable and free of movement.

Pretty on the outside, incredibly soft on the inside!

Discover the softness of a material that takes care of you and the planet.

Long and elegant or short and sexy?

Or to go matching as a couple without losing your touch. Two unisex versions and various colors available. What's yours?

Because fashion doesn't understand seasons!

The key? Bamboo is thermoregulatory: for a pleasant winter and a cool summer.

Inspired by the Japanese kimono, a timeless design that gives a different touch to your daily life. So that you shine at home just as you do outside!

Hazlo tuyo, hazlo único

Personaliza tu albornoz con bordados exclusivos. Iniciales, un nombre, un mensaje ¡e incluso un estampado!

Tenemos un equipo de diseño esperándote: cuéntanos lo que quieres hacer y te asesoraremos paso a paso.

Bordados en una semana, desde 5 €.

Quiero personalizarlo

A superhero comes to your bathroom!

Always ready and fresh for you. Bamboo is resistant to bacteria and so is its fiber! Forget about the damp smell and enjoy without worries.

  • Don't look for it, you won't find it

    Own design and exclusive sale in our online store.

  • Sustainable exclusivity

    Limited units are not only synonymous with exclusivity, but also with respect for our planet. We opt for small runs to reduce our environmental impact. Join responsible fashion!

  • Free shipping and returns

    What's more natural than trying on something at home to use at home? Enjoy comfort from the first moment.

  • Safe for you and the people who produce it

    Our bathrobes are designed and produced in the province of Barcelona, ​​in small workshops.

    The materials used are manufactured in the European Union.

Do you have any doubt?

Simple, plastic-free packaging, but with a lot of love!

Because something single-use shouldn't last that long! Our packaging is biodegradable.

The shipment is made in a double-sealed box. You can use it if you have to return it or for any other shipment!

Leather looks like cellulose!

Our label is vegan, it is an imitation leather fabric made of cellulose and latex.

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