“There is nothing more powerful in the world than an idea whose time has come” Victor Hugo

Money has taken over our lives, we live in a society in which everything is monetizable and we have gotten used to it. The search for profits has meant that we are not able to see beyond a quarter or a fiscal year. Unlimited economic growth, without taking into account the environmental and social costs, has led us to tolerate social inequality and close our eyes to the call for help from our ecosystems.
Before the pandemic we already thought that something was not working, but we did not see the magnitude of the problem until the State of Alarm began. We could all realize that our system is weak, and its foundations are failing.
The time has come to stop the frenetic pace that has absorbed us and learn to see the things around us. Things can be done differently: the relocation of the industry would save emissions in transportation, improving cultivation techniques and the variability of materials would improve ecosystems, betting on the circular economy would reduce the areas needed for crops...
Nor should we forget the great power we have as consumers (or as workers). Consuming only what we need , using things until the end of their useful life and opting for locally and sustainably manufactured products would be decisions that, applied to a high percentage of the population, would totally change the society in which we live . Social changes are the most important changes and our power is immense.
There is a lot of work, but we still have time.
Together we can do it. We wanted to go one step further. Kanduh has been created because we think it is possible to develop a viable company and provide a product that adds value to the consumer, the entire production chain and the environment. We have just begun, we have barely taken the first steps, but all our efforts are (and will be) aimed at showing you that this is not a text intended to convince you, this is who we are, it is what we believe in.
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