• Antibacterial

  • Does not catch odors

  • Perfect for the bathroom

    Say goodbye to sneezes, pimples and bad odors!

    Bamboo is naturally resistant to bacteria and does not cause allergies either.

  • Hypoallergenic

  • An all-rounder, take it wherever you want

    The microtubules in bamboo make the fabric very absorbent and dry very quickly. That way we can make a light bathrobe to take wherever you want. Put it to the test!

  • Fast dry

    Even in humid environments!

  • Great absorption

  • Light

    So that nothing stops you from moving!

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Oriental inspiration, local tailoring

  • Ilustración de la Península y Baleares

    Made and designed in Barcelona.

  • Ilustración de la Unión Europea

    Materials made in the EU. For a fair and sustainable product.

  • Free shipping.

  • Free return 15 days. Do not stand without trying it!